Pannier Capers & the 64xx

by Alan Buttler

Albion Yard

Bachmann 64xx 31-636 Bachmann 64xx

In amongst the flurry of Hornbys releases over the first quarter Bachmann released their latest Great Western design, Colletts 64xx 0-6-0T Pannier. These were a derivative of the earlier 54xx, very much the same engine but with larger diameter wheels. Collett took the 54xx design and in essence reduced the driving wheel size from 5ft 2” to 4ft 7 ½” and changed a few other bits such as the cylinders and their dimensions. There were a few other dimensional differences, but as we’re not looking at the 54xx, the differences are somewhat moot.

Bachmann 64xx 31-635 Bachmann 64xx 31-635

A pair of 64xx’s have arrived, and I’ve been giving them a coat of looking at as Roy Jackson would say. Bachmann has chosen sensibly to do versions of the main batch produced with the detail associated with that group of locomotives. Color finish on them is excellent and I chose…

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