Panniers at Penmaenpool


Since starting Modelu full time back in April time for my own modelling has been very hard to find.  I’ve a High Level Pannier chassis about a third completed, bits of laser cut walls for the works here and there and a pile of stock waiting to be detailed and renumbered.  These last few weeks have seen me at five back to back exhibitions with the scanning equipment which has been something of a baptism of fire, but has helped bring things on at a much quicker pace.  I’m now almost on top of orders and will be looking ahead to widening the range of figures, adding architectural, lineside and loco detailing parts and looking at mass production options.

With my time being predominantly occupied with Modelu, it is always a very welcome break to be invited to Geoff Taylor’s for an operating session.  Yesterday Tom Foster was visiting Geoff and he brought along his growing collection of stock for his modular Bala-Blaenau Ffestiniog branch layout Cwm Prysor.   With Geoff’s scenics and Tom’s superbly weathered locomotives and kits it was a great opportunity to take some photographs.





74xx on shed at Penmaenpool

And I couldn’t resist a little photoshoping of these images into some of my favourite books as a young modeller!

GW Steam Doubleheaded

GW Steam in Wales

GW Branch Line Steam 2